Bedheads Upholstery

Bedheads Upholstery Melbourne

Bedhead Upholstery can place a personalised feature in your bedroom. We can help you style your bedhead based on your interior and can recommend fabrics that would suit the style and bedhead you have chosen. We custom make bedheads to any size bed, including single, queen, king or custom size. There are so many high quality fabrics and stunning styles to choose from. We are happy to work with you to create a behead, complete with scatter cushions, a blanket box, ottoman or dress chair to suit your personal style and comfort.



Custom bedheads

We have so many different ways you can customise your bedhead.  We have many creative ideas to help you get started:

  • Diamond buttoning or shiny studs to add glamour
  • Deep textured fabric to add luxury and warmth
  • Colour and patterns for a brighter look
  • Piping and curved edges for a subtle refined look.

A place to rest in your own personal style, comfort and stunning luxury.


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